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From Marginal Gains to a Circular Revolution

The bicycle is a great way to reduce CO2-emissions related to transport. But the bicycle industry is still an industry.

The current linear economic system of ‘Take, Make, Waste’ is not sustainable. It requires finite resources, causes pollution, climate change due to CO2-emissions and vast amounts of waste ending up in an incinerator, a landfill or, worse, in nature. With an increasing global population that is getting richer at the same time, the pressure on our planet is growing every day.

Changing this requires us to completely rethink the way we do business. We need to realise a circular economy, where materials flow from product to resource to product and so on.

The transition to a circular economy offers an enormous opportunity for the cycling industry to make a big step in product design and in the interaction with customers.

It requires the introduction of radical innovations.

There will be successes and there will be failures. Eventually, bikes and apparel will be better – not just to ride, but also for our planet and our societies.

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