Workshop Circular Cycling Industry:

Open for everyone, or for your team

The book ‘From Marginal Gains to a Circular Revolution’ in a 3 hour online workshop. Learn how to make your business circular and start reducing CO2-emissions related to your products, starting tomorrow.

What is it?

Who should do it?

  • Designers, marketeers, product managers, business leaders and journalists.
  • Join with multiple people from the same company for the best results.

Why do it?

  • The quickest way to get an understanding of the circular economy in the cycling industry.
  • Great wat to start reducing CO2-emissions related to your products.
  • Works for bicycle, parts and apparel companies.

What to expect?

  • Introduction to the linear and circular economies applied to the cycling industry.
  • Workshop is designed to help you with first steps in changing your business.
  • Fast pace and lots of interaction.
  • Comes with a comprehensive workshop manual with all the concepts that can be used after the workshop to implement new concepts.

Open or for your team:

  • Open workshops are open to anyone interested in making the cycling industry more sustainable: designers, marketeers, product managers, even journalists.
  • Want the workshop to inspire your own team or company in private? Or as part of an event? Organise your own workshop for up to 16 people.

With 400+ people from 50+ companies trained, this is the workshop for your team too.

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Workshops for your team

Interested to run the Workshop Circular Cycling Industry for your team or company on moment that suits you? The workshop is great for getting a basic understanding of the circular economy, and how you can make sustainability part of your product and services development. Use it for a basic training for your staff, a project kick-off or to get a conversation with your suppliers going.

Prices start at €1.750, customised workshops are possible. Please fill in the form below and book a suitable time in the calendar to get the booking process started.

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“The format was extremely good and I look forward to continuing the conversation and momentum with the team” – Hamish Acland, CEO at Mons Royal


“We learned a lot of new stuff and every department in the company realised that they also play a role in realizing a more circular business! For us, this training marked the start of a company wide push to more circular cycling.” – Richard Burger, Founder at Swapfiets


“Erik’s Circular Cycling Workshops created a space for our design and product teams to explore both sustainable design and circular economy principles. We left with lots of ideas and a different mindset” – Louisa Holbrook, Head of Sustainability at Brompton

Workshop Circular Cycling Industry