Workshop Circular Cycling Industry

Workshop Circular Cycling Industry

The book ‘From Marginal Gains to a Circular Revolution’ in a 3 hour online workshop. Learn how to make your business circular, starting tomorrow.

What is it?
  • 3 hour online workshop for 4-15 people
  • Most important insights from the book ‘From Marginal Gains to a Circular Revolution’ applied to your business
  • Start implementing concepts straight away
Why do it?
  • The quickest way to get an understanding of the circular economy in the cycling industry
  • Works for bicycle, parts and apparel companies
  • Brings departments in line: join with teams from design, procurement and marketing & sales for the best results
What to expect?
  • Based on the book ‘From Marginal Gains to a Circular Revolution’, this workshop gives you a high-level introduction to the linear and circular economies
  • The workshop Circular Cycling Industry is designed to help you with the first steps in changing your business
  • Fast pace and lots of interaction
  • Comes with a comprehensive workshop manual with all the concepts that can be used after the workshop to implement new concepts
Cost:         €1200

Workshop enquiry:

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Give an approximate indication, including your Time Zone.
The workshop has been developed for ZOOM. If you cannot use ZOOM, but want to use Teams or Google Meet instead, we will require your help in managing breakout room. If you want to do the workshop in real life, additional costs will be charged for travel time and expenses.
We can customise the workshop for your company/event by including for example your own vision, research and product developments. We will set up an additional meeting prior to the workshop, and integrate your information in the workshop.