FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

Questions? Perhaps you can find the answers below!

General questions

I have read the book and want to know more. How can I get in contact?

Feel free to send us your thoughts through the contact form. You can also schedule an online meeting with Erik for a 15-minute Q&A or a one-hour meeting to go in further detail. Click here to go to our contact and scheduling page.

What happened to your UpCycles, can I still buy one?

No – we have stopped building UpCycles. See About the Authors, or even better, read our book ‘from marginal gains to a circular revolution‘ to find out why this was not a sustainable business model

Excellent team to publish a book, how can I get in touch?

Publisher: Warden Press, Amsterdam
Design: Pankra & Anihow

I want to join a movement to work towards a more sustainable cycling industry..

Yes! There is a global movement at Shift Cycling Culture!

Do you have a Press Kit?

Yes, check out our Press page.

Payments, orders and shipping

Payment methods

We accept iDEAL, Credit Card, PayPal payments for the book and ebook. The one-hour meetings with Erik can be paid for through PayPal only.

Three versions of the book?

Yes – there are three versions of the book:

  1. a limited full-colour paperback (ISBN 978-94-92004-93-2),
  2. a black & white paperback (ISBN: 978-94-92004-94-9),
  3. an Ebook (ISBN 978-94-92004-95-6).

Where can I buy the book?

Full-colour paperback (limited edition): our web shop (shipping to the EU & Switzerland) and (online) book stores in the Netherlands. In the UK, our book is sold by Rouleur.

Black & white paperback: worldwide on Amazon.

Ebook: our web shop, (online) book stores in the Netherlands and Amazon.

Do you use bike messengers for delivery?

Yes we do in The Netherlands! If you live in a city where one of the Fietskoeriers is delivering, you will see one soon after you have placed an order.

Place your order on weekdays before 15:30 CET and it will be delivered the next day. The Fietskoeriers generally do not deliver in the weekend because they are out riding with their friends, so if you order on Friday, there is a chance your book will not arrive until Monday.

Will you send me a Track & Trace code?

Yes, as soon as your order has been processed, you will receive an email with a Track & Trace code. If you make your order before 15:30 CET, your order will be processed and you will receive your Track & Trace code the same day.

Shipping locations & costs

We shop to the following countries:

Free shipping: The Netherlands.

€10.- shipping: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden.

€15.- shipping: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland.

Note that ordering a black & white paperback via Amazon might offer ‘free shipping’ based on the Amazon delivery options for your country.

Why do I have to pay for the one-hour meeting with Erik?

Our time is scarce unfortunately, and we have invested a lot of it in writing ‘from marginal gains to a circular revolution‘.

However, we do want to get in touch with people who really do want to contribute to the circular cycling revolution. If you want our help, we will make sure it is an hour well spend!


Who should join the workshop?

The workshop is designed to teach you the basics of the circular economy in the cycling industry. Since the circular economy requires more than just new designs, but als new business models, marketing strategies and even finance, the workshop is aimed at everyone working in the cycling industry.

When will I receive the ZOOM link and Workshop manual?

We will send you the ZOOM link to access the workshop, the pdf Workshop Manual and invoice no later than 48h prior to the workshop.

Do I need ZOOM skills?

No. All you need to do is install the latest version of ZOOM on your computer or join via a browser (not recommended as this works slightly less smooth). During the workshop we will send you into a breakout room to work on some exercises. These will be provided in a fillable pdf format and can be printed or filled in on your screen.

Is there a maximum number of people on the course?

We need 6 people to give the final go to the workshop, the maximum number of people is 16. More makes it too hard to give you personal feedback.

What are the cancellation policies?

Full refunds are available until 14 days prior to the workshop. After that, no refunds are available. To cancel your order, please send an email with the order number and reason to info@circularcycling.nl

Should I read your book before the workshop?

No, this is a crash course to bring you up to speed. It will probably also plant some questions in your head, which might be answered by reading the book. So, feel free to read the book before the workshop, or after the workshop.