Nerd Alert Podcast with Erik Bronsvoort:

Nerd Alert with Erik Bronsvoort:

James chats with Erik Bronsvoort, author of “From Marginal Gains to a Circular Revolution: A practical guide to creating a circular cycling economy“, about the environmental impact of bicycle production (0:23:35).

The Nerds discuss the “platform model” of Bronsvoort’s, and how the bike industry used to be before full bike build options were the norm (0:53:20). Would a leasing model work?

Winter is coming, and so is new winter riding gear. Nerd Alert this week kicks off with a discussion about the new Assos winter jacket that retails at $725 USD (0:03:40) as well as Rapha’s new Windproof Explore Pulloversweater (0:13:10).

There are more and more companies adopting environmentally sustainable methods, like Trek’s new packaging for their Marlin hardtail. (0:19:10).

Ending the podcast on an upbeat note Zach, and the rest of the Nerds, answer listener questions in the ongoing “Ask a Mechanic” segment (1:09:30).

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