Race for the Future: Sustainability and Cycling

Race for the Future: Sustainability and Cycling: “What is a circular economy and how can we apply it to cycling?  All our questions are answered in this episode when we chat to Erik Bronsvoort, founder of Circular Cycling.”

The Women’s Pro Cycling team Instafund Racing is one of the keenest when it comes to making the sport of cycling more sustainable. In their podcast series they chat with various people about what it means for cycling, and for their own operation.

We chat about the circular economy, the Instafund team and how the UCI and race organisers such as the ASO and RCS will have to change the way they organise and schedule races. Thousands of cars following the Tour de France? Helicopters flying VIPs around? What is required to change this before they will be forced by laws aimed at reducing carbon emissions?

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Founded in 2019 InstaFund Racing set an ambitious goal,  show that a professional cycling team can have a carbon neutral footprint. We invite you to ride with us to a carbon neutral future.

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Race for the Future: Sustainability and Cycling. A podcast by Instafund Racing
Race for the future