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It’s a hard truth that most of us don’t want to here, but just because we buy and ride a bicycle does not mean we couldn’t further reduce our environmental impact.

Sure, bicycles have far lower environmental impacts than cars. They are typically about 100 times lighter, sometimes even more. In the case of e-bikes their battery is also typically about 100 times smaller than an electric car battery.

But as you will here in this interview with Erik Bronsvoort, bicycles still take a lot of energy to manufacture and they’re harder to recycle than you might think.

Erik is a global authority on this subject, having co-founded Circular Cycling and written a ground breaking book on the topic.

The good news is that if manufacturers and consumers work together, there are solutions available.

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Everyone that we have spoken to on influencers! is making a difference in some aspect of cycling or micromobility. Some are unsung heroes and others are people that you might already know.

Our motivation behind creating influencers! was to discover how each of us can advance the causes of cycling and micromobility within our own spheres’ of influence. We believe that everyone has a role to play and that your contribution, no matter how small it may seem to you, is significant. influencers! provides you with a unique opportunity to profit from the insight and inspiration of our guests and enable you to make positive changes to your work life and personal life and help you to influence others around you, ultimately benefiting both you and our world. We hope that you find influencers! entertaining, informative and inspiring.

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