Bike Europe – Sustainable Moves

Bike Europe – Sustainable Moves. A video interview with Bike Europe

Sit back and take 6 minutes to watch this interview with Bike Europe, the biggest industry media platform in Europe. Learn more about Circular Cycling and why I became part of Shift Cycling Culture, a non-profit organisation launched to create a sustainable future for cycling.

The Shift Cycling Culture initiative motivated the bicycle and ebike industry to start talking about sustainability. In the meantime a long list of CEOs and company owners have signed the industry-wide climate commitment. “Also the bicycle industry has a responsibility to cut CO2 emissions,” says Erik Bronsvoort, director of Shift Cycling Culture.

If we want to provide clean transport, we also need to provide clean products

Erik Bronsvoort

As part of the ‘Sustainable moves’ series, Bike Europe, spoke to prominent people in the e-bike and bicycle industry whose ideas are shaping the industry for the future. In this episode Erik Bronsvoort, Director Shift Cycling Culture, on what can be done in the bicycle industry.

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