Fever Talk – Sustainability a Cyclist’s way

Fever Talk – Sustainability the Cyclist’s way is a podcast series by pro-cyclist Maghalie Rochette.

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On this episode of Fever Talk – Sustainability the Cyclist’s way, Maghalie chats with Erik Bronsvoort and Sandra Brandt of the non-profit organization Shift Cycling Culture.

“Shift Cycling Culture works within the cycling industry to take action on climate change collectively. This discussion brought me hope! “

Fever Talk - Sustainability the Cyclist's way

We talk about greenwashing and the general fear of speaking about sustainability. Erik explains the difference between linear and circular economy, and the new challenges that come with designing products with circular economy in mind.

“Challenge designers, and they will make it happen”

Erik Bronsvoort

Plus, how to balance technological advancements with sustainability.  We discuss our role as costumers to demand more sustainable practices in the industry, and Sandra shares some of the cool things and exciting innovations they are seeing. To read “From Marginal Gains to a Circular Revolution“, by Erik Bronsvoort.

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